Many people love to do things together – there are plenty of songs out there to prove this!
Here at 8.2, we know that many groups of people sign up for our Whole Hog obstacle course – I am sure that this is to motivate and help each other, or is it just to laugh at each other when covered in mud or cold water! The power of the team helps to motivate training and also to keep going when you are starting to get tired.


You can use this team work as a positive effect when fundraising. You can set up a shared fundraising page to list everyone who is taking part in the charity event and raise money together! Easy!

However, you first need to decide which fundraising page to choose: The main two options are JustGiving and GoFundMe, although there are a wide range of other providers offering a similar service.

All providers charge fees (most commonly, these are processing fees charged by all banks and sometimes fees for using the service), however, they are very convenient and are able to accept both large and small donations 24/7. They can also claim GiftAid for all donations, which is a tax relief of 25% given by the government to any charitable donations.

The most important question to consider is “If you were to donate £10 plus 25% GiftAid which totals £12.50 to charity, how much would they actually get?” Luckily, the answer is very similar no matter which website you used. If you used JustGiving, the charity would receive £12.11. If you used GoFundMe, they charity would receive £11.96.

For more detailed advice on these and many other websites, click on the link below to get more information.

Whichever website you choose to use, you can easily set up a shared or team fundraising page to raise your funds, and to help each other, or compete – depending on your friends! Both websites also offer a wide range of fundraising ideas to help you achieve your target quickly.
You will need to set up an account on the website first. JustGiving allows one person to set everything up and lists all of the team members as part of the “Story”. You can then choose your JustGiving web address to share with everyone. It is recommended to include your team name in your web address to make it memorable.
GoFundMe allows one person to set the Team up and be the Organiser, who then invites other people to become team members. It is slightly different in that each team member has their own unique link to use for fundraising although all funds subsequently raised are put in the same pot.

Then the fun parts starts! How will you raise money – sponsored head shave or bun sale? Share the fundraising link and check how success you are!
Both websites make it easy to thank your donors and to share your successes.

Will you be the next Captain Tom?

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