The results for this years Dig Deep races are as follows:

Please note that all times are shown with any missed dibber penalties applied. We have not shown people who did not start or finish the races.

Ultra Tour of the Peak District.

Name Category Time Position
John Bottomley Senior Male 10:09:10 1st
Sally Fawcett Senior Female 10:21:56 2nd
Dan Shrimpton Veteran Male 10:42:56 3rd
Leroy Marshall Senior Male 11:03:48 4th
Fraser Hirst Male over 50 11:20:30 5th
chris duffy Senior Male 11:44:06 6th
Chris bird Senior Male 11:48:14 7th
Colin Earl Male over 50 12:15:23 8th
Robert Jones Senior Male 12:31:35 9th
Simon Bennett Veteran Male 12:33:55 10th
Ishmael Burdeau Veteran Male 12:37:49 11th
Joe Farnell Senior Male 12:38:28 12th
 Mark Whitworth Veteran Male 12:38:29 13th
Ian Holmes Senior Male 12:59:50 14th
Laura Dyer Senior Female 13:11:00 15th
Deborah Pitt Senior Female 13:11:04 16th
Graham Watson Senior Male 13:11:07 17th
Michael Taylor Senior Male 13:20:15 18th
James Bowden Senior Male 13:20:16 19th
simon sleney Veteran Male 13:41:00 20th
Joe Price Senior Male 13:52:07 21st
Patrick Phelan Male over 50 14:15:49 22nd
Craig Edwards Veteran Male 14:20:13 23rd
Lee wilkinson Senior Male 14:20:15 24th
kevin gallagher Veteran Male 14:42:23 25th
Andrew Carrier Veteran Male 14:55:53 26th
Jason Hart Veteran Male 15:26:28 27th
Andrew Connell Veteran Male 15:53:54 28th
Francis Gilchrist Senior Male 16:06:25 29th
Nathan Thompson Senior Male 16:11:47 30th
Mina Tsvetanova Senior Female 16:11:49 31st
Agata Obidowicz Senior Female 16:44:44 32nd
Jonathan Russell Veteran Male 16:58:21 33rd=
Thomas Fabre Veteran Male 16:58:21 33rd=
Adrian Carder Male over 50 17:31:14 35th
Andrew Ayres Senior Male 17:41:26 36th
Jonathan Trezise Male over 50 19:10:37 37th
Ed Barker-Wyatt Veteran Male 20:57:40 38th
Coen de Groot Male over 50 21:07:30 39th
Harold Gleave Male over 50 22:32:33 40th
Paul Rowlinson Male over 50 22:32:38 41st

Dig Deep Intro Ultra

Name Category Time Position
Lee Kemp Senior Male 4:03:01 1st
Jonathan Palmer Senior Male 4:33:17 2nd
Kristof Nowicki Senior Male 4:35:11 3rd
Craig Jeffery Veteran Male 4:41:27 4th
Ross Mallett Senior Male 4:41:50 5th
Andrew Davies Veteran Male 4:47:19 6th
CRAIG MURESS Veteran Male 4:49:42 7th
Dan Page Senior Male 4:55:43 8th
stephen kirk Senior Male 5:00:01 9th
Simon Holmes Senior Male 5:06:06 10th
Stefan Kozlowski Senior Male 5:24:03 11th
Lucy Wasinski Senior Female 5:25:49 12th
Robert Jackson Veteran Male 5:30:30 13th
Rhoda Hawkins Senior Female 5:33:04 14th
Daniel Sherwood Senior Male 5:33:09 15th
Sven Hoekstra Senior Male 5:34:53 16th=
Rachael Nathan Senior Female 5:34:53 16th=
Dave DAVIDSON Veteran Male 5:35:35 18th
Nick Street Veteran Male 5:40:19 19th
Iain Radford Veteran Male 5:41:11 20th
Ian gower Male over 50 5:49:24 21st
Alice Sheldon Veteran Female 5:49:25 22nd
Mike Sheldon Senior Male 5:49:26 23rd
Gavin Holmes Senior Male 5:49:35 24th=
matt jackson Senior Male 5:49:35 24th=
Gaz Launt Senior Male 5:49:36 26th
David Palmer Senior Male 5:50:11 27th
Jamie Douglass Senior Male 5:50:32 28th
Leonard Martin Senior Male 5:51:17 29th
Ben Burrell Senior Male 5:54:05 30th
Ellen Quane Senior Female 5:54:42 31st=
Sarah Pickin Bullivent Senior Female 5:54:42 31st=
Benjamin Riley Senior Male 6:00:00 33rd
Simon Pope Senior Male 6:02:26 34th
Dean Shears Veteran Male 6:04:27 35th
Nikki Muir Senior Female 6:06:47 36th
Mathew Leslie Senior Male 6:07:15 37th
Alex Douglas Senior Male 6:07:29 38th
Bob Corinaldi Senior Male 6:07:34 39th
Ben Morris Senior Male 6:08:39 40th
Rod Bye Male over 50 6:09:27 41st
Rob Sykes Veteran Male 6:09:42 42nd
Andrew Hill Senior Male 6:10:00 43rd
Susan Clapham Female over 50 6:10:10 44th
 Kyle Senior Male 6:13:19 45th
Matthew Bradbury Senior Male 6:19:46 46th
Ian Thompson Veteran Male 6:21:27 47th
Wendy Thompson Veteran Female 6:21:29 48th
Jamie Hardman Senior Male 6:21:50 49th
Cathy Atkinson Veteran Female 6:23:10 50th
David A Hufton Senior Male 6:26:39 51st
Robin Davis Senior Male 6:27:32 52nd
kim Hawker Senior Female 6:28:46 53rd
Richard Clarke Veteran Male 6:29:17 54th
 Amy Senior Female 6:30:47 55th
lee caves Senior Male 6:31:10 56th
Debbie Sorby Veteran Female 6:31:48 57th
Aaron Maclaughlin Senior Male 6:31:50 58th
Tom Hughes Senior Male 6:31:51 59th
Louise Goodhill Veteran Female 6:32:27 60th
Helen Young Veteran Female 6:32:28 61st
Robert Bethell Veteran Male 6:32:33 62nd
Tom Hardam Senior Male 6:35:46 63rd
 Gary Veteran Male 6:38:29 64th
Andy Sewell Male over 50 6:38:30 65th
Rebecca Dent Senior Female 6:38:46 66th
Stephen Kenworthy Veteran Male 6:39:31 67th
Gregory Aston Veteran Male 6:44:02 68th
Philip Padfield Male over 50 6:44:06 69th
Mark Harrison Senior Male 6:48:15 70th
Mel Lindley Veteran Female 6:49:13 71st=
jim johnson Veteran Male 6:49:13 71st=
David Haire Senior Male 6:49:50 73rd
Lex Wilkinson Veteran Male 6:49:59 74th
Andrew Marshall Veteran Male 6:51:31 75th=
Mike Mannion Veteran Male 6:51:31 75th=
Andrew Mandefield Senior Male 6:51:48 77th
Paul Ireland Senior Male 6:51:49 78th
Nicky Campbell Veteran Female 6:54:00 79th
Elizabeth Doole Senior Female 6:54:19 80th
Martyn Goldsack Senior Male 6:54:36 81st=
Ashleigh Barron Senior Female 6:54:36 81st=
Ben Lancaster Senior Male 6:54:54 83rd
Mark Gittins Senior Male 6:55:20 84th
Tom Hodgkinson Senior Male 6:55:22 85th
Greg Wasinski Senior Male 6:56:08 86th
Peter Liggins M16 6:57:06 87th
Chris Guest Veteran Male 6:58:22 88th=
jonathan wasnidge Veteran Male 6:58:22 88th=
Abbie Linell Senior Female 6:59:49 90th
Monika Panczak Senior Female 7:00:45 91st
John Abrahams Senior Male 7:00:47 92nd
Felipe Del Solar Male over 50 7:02:50 93rd
Luigi Fumero Veteran Male 7:06:22 94th
Will Doole Senior Male 7:10:34 95th
Gavin Pumford Senior Male 7:12:07 96th
Jason Smith Veteran Male 7:18:10 97th
Chris Whitfield Veteran Male 7:19:19 98th
Oliver Jones Senior Male 7:21:32 99th
Steve Parkes Senior Male 7:23:27 100th
Paul Horsewood Male over 50 7:27:53 101st
Michelle Horsewood Female over 50 7:27:54 102nd
Philip Bussy Senior Male 7:30:24 103rd
Marcus Adams Male over 50 7:31:46 104th
Daniel Swain Senior Male 7:32:04 105th
Victoria Carter Senior Female 7:37:09 106th
Melanie MacGregor Veteran Female 7:37:37 107th
Brett Bennett Senior Male 7:37:58 108th
John Hill Veteran Male 7:38:57 109th
Emma Munday Senior Female 7:44:38 110th
Tracy Critchlow Female over 50 7:45:57 111th
Dean Taylor Veteran Male 7:46:54 112th
Ian Griffiths Senior Male 7:48:07 113th
Marlena Koralewska Senior Female 7:48:12 114th
alison Gordon Female over 50 7:52:17 115th
Ben Cooper Veteran Male 7:52:53 116th
wendy barker Female over 50 7:54:11 117th
James Doxey Veteran Male 7:54:22 118th
Andrew Nash Senior Male 8:06:41 119th
James Taylor Senior Male 8:08:05 120th
Simon Berry Male over 50 8:09:18 121st
Nicole Brown Veteran Female 8:16:26 122nd
Gavin Portier Veteran Male 8:17:55 123rd
Georgina Sexton Senior Female 8:18:32 124th
Zophanie Vazquez-Howard Veteran Female 8:23:31 125th
Annette Parker Veteran Female 8:40:49 126th
Lee hemmings Senior Male 8:44:29 127th
Jane SHADFORTH Veteran Female 8:45:49 128th
Steve Hollyoak Veteran Male 8:52:13 129th
BLAINE QUIGLEY Veteran Male 8:53:41 130th
Nigel Stevens Male over 50 8:53:44 131st
Lizzie Pinard Senior Female 8:56:27 132nd
Julia Lowes Female over 50 9:03:51 133rd
Tom Lee Senior Male 9:05:23 134th
Maria Lawton Veteran Female 9:52:46 135th
stuart james gregory Senior Male 10:05:18 136th
david masters Male over 50 10:10:44 137th
Barry Dunn Senior Male 10:17:47 138th

Dig Deep 12.12

Name Category Finish Position
Ollie Hart Veteran Male 1:29:15 1st
Craig Muress Veteran Male 1:30:06 2nd
Carl redondo Senior Male 1:31:47 3rd
 Lesniak Senior Male 1:33:54 4th
Adrian Fisher Veteran Male 1:36:48 5th
Carl Bradford Veteran Male 1:41:04 6th
Anthony Whitehouse Male over 50 1:41:26 7th
Heather Mochrie Senior Female 1:42:23 8th
ROULLIAUD CHRISTOPHE Senior Male 1:42:54 9th
Julian Wareham Veteran Male 1:43:34 10th
claire howard Veteran Female 1:43:40 11th
Nick Kelland Veteran Male 1:44:01 12th
Bridget Coomber Female over 50 1:45:03 13th
Andrew Mansfield Senior Male 1:45:44 14th
Carla Gibbons Senior Female 1:45:53 15th
Simon Adams Senior Male 1:48:50 16th
Paul Bannister Senior Male 1:50:35 17th
richard bory Male over 50 1:51:38 18th
Rodrigo F Carvalio Senior Male 1:51:52 19th
Roger Pugh Veteran Male 1:52:21 20th
Will Day Veteran Male 1:52:25 21st
Alex Shepherd Veteran Male 1:52:37 22nd
Adam Hill Senior Male 1:53:32 23rd
Caroline Knight Senior Female 1:53:36 24th
Andy Wright Veteran Male 1:53:37 25th
Oliver Barnsley Veteran Male 1:54:39 26th
Mr Jason G Cotterill Veteran Male 1:56:39 27th
paul softley Male over 50 1:57:01 28th
Lee Murray Veteran Male 1:57:07 29th
Caroline Lloyd Senior Female 1:58:20 30th
Craig Bishop Veteran Male 1:58:27 31st
Keith Grayson Veteran Male 1:59:06 32nd
Laura Gale Senior Female 1:59:09 33rd
Brian Devine Male over 50 1:59:10 34th
adam ash Veteran Male 1:59:28 35th
Rebecca Zserdicky Senior Female 2:00:14 36th
Lee Barnes Senior Male 2:00:36 37th
Sam Brentnall Senior Male 2:02:05 38th
Jack Hague Senior Male 2:02:36 39th
Iain McMaster Veteran Male 2:02:39 40th
Dan Hawkins Senior Male 2:03:23 41st
Jacqui Herring Veteran Female 2:03:27 42nd
Peter Wallace Veteran Male 2:03:31 43rd
Jordan Smith Senior Male 2:04:06 44th
Zoe redondo Senior Female 2:05:16 45th
Andy Walker Senior Male 2:05:53 46th
Steve Brandreth Veteran Male 2:05:55 47th
Craig Tipton Veteran Male 2:06:06 48th
Chris Moody Veteran Male 2:06:32 49th
John Boardman Veteran Male 2:07:08 50th
Jenny Downham Senior Female 2:07:39 51st
Matt Fish Senior Male 2:08:52 52nd
Maeve Largey Senior Female 2:09:01 53rd
wendy groom Senior Female 2:09:15 54th
Jonathan Ulett Senior Male 2:09:53 55th
Stephen Jobson Male over 50 2:10:04 56th
Rachel Lee Veteran Female 2:10:50 57th
Graham Oxnard Senior Male 2:11:27 58th
Nick Reeves Senior Male 2:11:45 59th
Dominic Bottomley Senior Male 2:12:14 60th
Gail Tombs Female over 50 2:12:28 61st
Lotty Bradford Senior Female 2:12:38 62nd
Chris Larkin Senior Male 2:13:00 63rd
Boglarka Mikudina Senior Female 2:13:14 64th=
dominic ryan Senior Male 2:13:14 64th=
ian moore Male over 50 2:13:16 66th
Ross Norbron Senior Male 2:13:25 67th
Richard Jones Senior Male 2:13:52 68th
Frances Bottomley Senior Female 2:14:53 69th
Stuart Cameron Male over 50 2:15:14 70th
helen cain Senior Female 2:15:38 71st
Samantha Patrick Senior Female 2:15:59 72nd
Vicky Bridges Senior Female 2:16:01 73rd
Barbara Delaney Veteran Female 2:16:15 74th
Racheal Lundean Senior Female 2:16:38 75th
Christopher Jackson Veteran Male 2:16:56 76th
Rachel Jackson Senior Female 2:16:57 77th
Dave Raynes Male over 50 2:18:37 78th
Anthony Stables Senior Male 2:18:51 79th
Gina Granger Veteran Female 2:19:35 80th
Lorraine Salkild Female over 50 2:19:36 81st
Matthew Hennell Senior Male 2:19:58 82nd
katie georgeson Senior Female 2:20:33 83rd
Mia Kofoed-Kristiansen Senior Female 2:20:47 84th
Michael Hudson Senior Male 2:21:13 85th
Adam Avenant Senior Male 2:21:14 86th
Martyn Davidson Male over 50 2:21:16 87th
Georgina Richardson Veteran Female 2:21:35 88th
Tim wiberg Male over 50 2:21:36 89th
Robert Kelsall Senior Male 2:22:26 90th
Bozena Myslinska Senior Female 2:23:14 91st
Clare Moody Veteran Female 2:23:15 92nd
Nicola Sewell Female over 50 2:23:42 93rd
Helen Jones Senior Female 2:23:48 94th
David Jolley Male over 50 2:23:52 95th
Mandy Speed Veteran Female 2:24:06 96th
Jo Sessions Senior Female 2:24:11 97th
Beth Moore Senior Female 2:28:59 98th
Sarah Teferi Veteran Female 2:30:12 99th
tom Wallace Senior Male 2:30:15 100th
Paul Taylor Veteran Male 2:31:26 101st
Steven Taylor Veteran Male 2:31:35 102nd
Heather Parkes Senior Female 2:32:04 103rd
Martin Binnie Senior Male 2:32:07 104th
Nicole Phillips Senior Female 2:34:56 105th
Louise Bearder Senior Female 2:35:31 106th
Anna Ayres Senior Female 2:35:59 107th
Andrea Sewell Female over 50 2:36:05 108th
David Carter Senior Male 2:36:24 109th
Tracey Brookes Female over 50 2:37:51 110th
alan wilcox Male over 50 2:38:29 111th=
Melanie Minton Veteran Female 2:38:29 111th=
 Livia Veteran Female 2:38:35 113th
 Jane Veteran Female 2:42:25 114th
Emma Jamal Senior Female 2:44:02 115th
Catherine McKenna Veteran Female 2:44:26 116th
Sanne Treurniet Senior Female 2:45:46 117th
Morag Sutton Veteran Female 2:50:13 118th
Felicity Aries Female over 50 2:51:16 119th
Tiberius Calin Gruia Senior Male 2:52:24 120th
M. Courtney Senior Male 2:53:18 121st
HANNAH WREGLESWORTH Senior Female 2:55:22 122nd
Steph Allen Veteran Female 3:04:58 123rd=
Tracy Woodward Veteran Female 3:04:58 123rd=
karen lovatt Female over 50 3:30:43 125th
stuart james gregory Senior Male 3:40:02 126th

Whirlow 10 K

Name Category Time Position
Steve Franklin Senior Male 0:39:14 1st
Stuart Sharp Senior Male 0:39:28 2nd
James Rose Senior Male 0:43:30 3rd
Harri Kane Senior Male 0:44:35 4th
Peter Goodfello Veteran Male 0:44:40 5th
Andrew Wright Senior Male 0:44:41 6th
 BenJones Senior Male 0:44:43 7th
 mathew Veteran Male 0:45:12 8th
David Fuller Senior Male 0:45:40 9th
James Cooper Senior Male 0:46:32 10th
Simon Conroy Veteran Male 0:46:57 11th
Richard Miskelly Senior Male 0:47:50 12th
Ben Kemp Senior Male 0:49:14 13th
Kate Morris Female over 50 0:49:21 14th
Andrew spyrka Senior Male 0:50:35 15th
Chris Pieri Senior Male 0:51:06 16th
Alex Tuckett Senior Male 0:51:52 17th
Christopher Wragg Senior Male 0:52:03 18th
Andy Kelly Senior Male 0:52:08 19th
John Kerry-Williams Senior Male 0:52:15 20th
Fran Cummins Senior Female 0:52:48 21st
Simon Allen Veteran Male 0:53:45 22nd
Esmie Warne Senior Female 0:53:54 23rd
Angel Georgiev Senior Male 0:53:59 24th
Stuart Jones Male over 50 0:54:02 25th
Kevin Edwards Senior Male 0:55:00 26th
max everatt Senior Male 0:55:37 27th
 Johanna Senior Female 0:55:45 28th
Steve Robinson Male over 50 0:55:50 29th
Justin Synan Senior Male 0:56:03 30th
Katy Sharp Senior Female 0:56:06 31st
Matthew Scribbins Veteran Male 0:56:09 32nd
Francesca Rooker Senior Female 0:56:56 33rd
Stuart Rooker Senior Male 0:56:57 34th
Cal Lowey Senior Male 0:57:11 35th
David Beech Male over 50 0:57:12 36th
Rafal Bakowski Senior Male 0:57:14 37th
Richard Ward Senior Male 0:57:23 38th
JEREME SNOOK Male over 50 0:57:53 39th
Isabelle Pound Female over 50 0:58:29 40th
Dorothy Kesterton Female over 50 0:58:36 41st
Sam Ainscough Senior Male 0:58:59 42nd=
Andrew Stocks Senior Male 0:58:59 42nd=
Aaron Parkin Senior Male 0:59:22 44th
Lee Caves Senior Male 0:59:43 45th
Shaun Singleton Veteran Male 0:59:45 46th
Neil Sprot Male over 50 0:59:50 47th
Victoria Hufton Senior Female 1:00:04 48th
terry everatt Male over 50 1:00:12 49th
Lucy Turner Senior Female 1:00:31 50th
david farr Senior Male 1:00:38 51st
Mark Stevenson Veteran Male 1:01:07 52nd
Angela Marsh Senior Female 1:01:11 53rd
Andy Shelton Senior Male 1:01:12 54th
Greg Raynor Senior Male 1:01:19 55th
Laura Pope Senior Female 1:01:21 56th
David Brown Senior Male 1:01:43 57th
Jennifer Harvey Senior Female 1:02:04 58th
Emily Shone Senior Female 1:02:12 59th
Adam Grant Senior Male 1:03:19 60th
Paul Hempstock Senior Male 1:03:20 61st
 Naomi Senior Female 1:03:26 62nd=
Steven Pewsey Senior Male 1:03:26 62nd=
Helen Barugh Senior Female 1:03:27 64th
Ian Brownlee Male over 50 1:03:28 65th
Elizabeth Hudson Senior Female 1:03:42 66th
Glynn Fearn Veteran Male 1:03:54 67th
Ruth Jacobs Female over 50 1:04:23 68th
A DELIGHT Veteran Female 1:04:46 69th
Marcus Synan Veteran Male 1:04:55 70th
Kevin Spurr Senior Male 1:05:03 71st
Mark Hutchinson Senior Male 1:05:04 72nd
Michael Andrew Bates Senior Male 1:05:11 73rd
Andrew Glisson Senior Male 1:05:26 74th
Richard Taylor Senior Male 1:05:29 75th
Alison Jones Senior Female 1:05:50 76th
Valentina Vittone Senior Female 1:05:55 77th
James Travis Senior Male 1:05:56 78th
Vinay Mistry Senior Male 1:06:08 79th
Frazer Johnson Veteran Male 1:06:13 80th
Lisa Morris Veteran Female 1:07:01 81st
Ellie Barrett Senior Female 1:07:08 82nd
Nick Kirkwood Veteran Male 1:07:17 83rd
Jane Evans Female over 50 1:07:23 84th
Helen Eberlin Female over 50 1:07:30 85th
Daniel Gaunt Senior Male 1:07:52 86th
Russell Horsley Male over 50 1:07:54 87th
Heather Knott Veteran Female 1:07:55 88th
Michael Jones Senior Male 1:08:09 89th
Naomi Morrison Veteran Female 1:08:59 90th
Shaun McLoughlin Veteran Male 1:09:02 91st
Anna Radford Senior Female 1:09:15 92nd
Jason Parker Veteran Male 1:10:04 93rd
Peter Brown Veteran Male 1:10:10 94th
Lucy Bishton Veteran Female 1:10:11 95th
Julie Jeffery Senior Female 1:10:38 96th
Colette White Senior Female 1:10:56 97th
Richard Green Veteran Male 1:10:57 98th
lisa softley Veteran Female 1:11:15 99th
Rachel Coulson Senior Female 1:11:17 100th
Lee Yule Senior Male 1:11:47 101st
Leanne Ashworth Senior Female 1:11:48 102nd
Ian Rands Veteran Male 1:12:05 103rd
Vicky France Senior Female 1:12:07 104th
Jan McArd Veteran Female 1:12:28 105th
Paul McArd Male over 50 1:12:29 106th
Sheila Sprot Female over 50 1:12:32 107th
Fran Dobson Senior Female 1:12:48 108th
Yangmei Li Senior Female 1:13:13 109th
Sallyann Bingham Senior Female 1:13:28 110th
Kathleen McCann Senior Female 1:13:52 111th
Jonathan Andrews Male over 50 1:13:54 112th
Stephen Day Male over 50 1:14:32 113th
phil jackson Veteran Male 1:14:46 114th
Sue Jeff Female over 50 1:15:45 115th
Frank Wright Male over 50 1:15:58 116th
Shironjit Sahe Veteran Male 1:16:14 117th
Gill Brown Female over 50 1:17:11 118th
James Fletcher Senior Male 1:17:56 119th
Rachel Jones Senior Female 1:17:58 120th
Rachael Mercer Veteran Female 1:18:01 121st
Elisa Richardson Senior Female 1:18:55 122nd
Julie Oxenforth Female over 50 1:19:43 123rd
Tharan Gurung Senior Male 1:19:46 124th
Sarah Jayne Rose Veteran Female 1:19:53 125th
Chun-Ren Ke Senior Male 1:20:58 126th
Julie broughton Veteran Female 1:21:09 127th=
Sally grainger Veteran Female 1:21:09 127th=
Lewis Skinner Senior Male 1:22:18 129th
Lucy Mortimer Senior Female 1:23:10 130th
Tracy Critchlow Female over 50 1:26:34 131st
Lucy Marris Female over 50 1:26:46 132nd
Hannah Godfrey Senior Female 1:27:28 133rd
Stephanie Acton Veteran Female 1:28:22 134th
Mryshia Melleney Senior Female 1:28:30 135th
Vicki Wilcox Veteran Female 1:28:48 136th
Zahir Rauf Senior Male 1:28:51 137th
Abi Jackson Senior Female 1:29:03 138th=
Claire Harris Senior Female 1:29:03 138th=
Mark Acton Veteran Male 1:29:20 140th
YVONNE FOX Female over 50 1:29:27 141st
Antonia Phillips Senior Female 1:30:10 142nd=
Charlotte Rowatt Senior Female 1:30:10 142nd=
jake potts Senior Male 1:30:49 144th
Emily johnson Senior Female 1:32:20 145th
Robert Rothon Senior Male 1:32:22 146th
Mark Sullivan Male over 50 1:32:56 147th
Debi Jones Female over 50 1:44:33 148th