Please find results for the 2017 Dig Deep races below.

Please note that the results include all dibber penalties so the times are adjusted accordingly. Please e mail Dig Deep if you have any issues.


Name Category Time Position
Jonathan Crickmore Senior Male 09:27:26 1st
Graham Watson Veteran Male 10:18:40 2nd
Robin Mitton Veteran Male 11:48:35 3rd
Leroy Marshall Senior Male 11:50:41 4th
John Bottomley Senior Male 11:54:40 5th
Gordon Parkinson Senior Male 12:02:42 6th
Chris Carter Senior Male 12:12:24 7th
William Clarke Senior Male 12:58:01 8th
lee caves Senior Male 13:05:06 9th
Helen Pike Veteran Female 13:06:30 10th
Armando Teatro Senior Male 13:06:42 11th
Rowan Scott Senior Male 13:24:40 12th
Jonathan Morgan Senior Male 13:35:49 13th
John Samways Senior Male 13:35:50 14th
Susan Clapham Female over 50 13:52:24 15th
Benjamin Brindley Senior Male 14:10:36 16th
Ian Martin Veteran Male 14:15:39 17th
Tom Howard Senior Male 14:34:31 18th
Mark Hampton Senior Male 14:40:46 19th
Daniel Sumner Senior Male 14:48:35 20th
Ruth Batty Veteran Female 14:52:08 21st
Ian Hirth Veteran Male 15:11:29 22nd
Oskar Smith Senior Male 15:26:19 23rd
Gareth Clinton Senior Male 15:31:27 24th
Phillip Clinton Senior Male 15:31:29 25th
Andrew Connell Veteran Male 15:31:30 26th
Michael Jenkinson Veteran Male 16:03:01 27th
Luke Pawson Senior Male 16:07:07 28th
Anthony Gale Senior Male 16:07:09 29th
Rob McNeil Senior Male 16:08:00 30th
Tom Pope Senior Male 16:53:08 31st
John Figiel Male over 50 17:25:15 32nd
YOSHIAKI TOTOKI Senior Male 17:25:49 33rd
Ian Spriggs Male over 50 17:55:27 34th
Bengt Johnsson Male over 50 17:55:32 35th
David Carr Senior Male 18:41:29 36th
John Pierrepont Senior Male 18:41:34 37th
Andrew Hall Veteran Male 19:42:28 38th
Richard Townsend Male over 50 21:02:06 39th
David Dickinson Senior Male 21:22:12 40th
Mike Jones Veteran Male 21:47:15 41st
Deirdre Claffey Senior Female 22:07:02 42nd

Peak Trails 50

Name Category Time Position
Jonathan Palmer Senior Male 08:46:07 1st
Sam Wilson Senior Male 08:46:08 2nd
Jim Semmelroth Senior Male 10:00:48 3rd
Will Gregory Senior Male 10:04:38 4th
Chris Perry Male over 50 10:20:46 5th
Sean Fenwick Veteran Male 10:24:12 6th
Rolands Kromanis Senior Male 10:24:36 7th
John Golding Veteran Male 12:19:12 8th
Aaron Maclaughlin Senior Male 12:19:32 9th
Philip Padfield Male over 50 12:39:20 10th
Claire Morgan Senior Female 13:32:16 11th
Melanie Liu Senior Female 15:35:42 12th

Peak Trails 30

Name Category Time Position
Simon Mills Senior Male 04:50:50 1st
Sally Fawcett Senior Female 04:50:52 2nd
Lee Kemp Senior Male 04:59:39 3rd
Alex van Oostrum Senior Male 05:05:59 4th
Gary Brooks Male over 50 05:08:00 5th
Patrycjusz Bromirski Senior Male 05:08:41 6th
Stephen Kenworthy Male over 50 05:11:22 7th
Linzey Ryan Senior Female 05:14:06 8th
Lucy Wasinski Senior Female 05:14:27 9th
Peter Harris Senior Male 05:25:02 10th
Daniel Stannard Veteran Male 05:30:33 11th
Luke Spindlove Senior Male 05:31:12 12th
Hannah Gilman Veteran Female 05:37:58 13th
Bradley Gram-Hansen Senior Male 05:39:21 14th
Lou Kelly Senior Female 05:39:23 15th
Ellen Quane Senior Female 05:41:00 16th
Jacqui Hawkins Senior Female 05:41:19 17th
Lee Hemmings Senior Male 05:46:02 18th
Amanda Carter Senior Female 05:48:45 19th
Christopher Whitfield Veteran Male 05:54:01 20th
karl Mallyon Veteran Male 05:55:59 21st
Andy Wright Veteran Male 05:56:18 22nd
Benjamin Letzer Senior Male 05:56:29 23rd
Dean Hague Veteran Male 05:58:41 24th
Graham North Veteran Male 05:59:30 25th
Rod Bye Male over 50 06:01:55 26th
Giles Carre Veteran Male 06:10:44 27th
nic long Male over 50 06:13:26 28th
ROGELIO GARCIA BERDEJA Senior Male 06:16:38 29th
Ryan Langridge Senior Male 06:19:58 30th
Simon Littlewood Veteran Male 06:21:51 31st
Chris Mewes Veteran Male 06:23:20 32nd
Andrew Hill Senior Male 06:23:37 33rd
Bodil Oudshoorn Senior Female 06:24:16 34th
Anna Paxton Senior Female 06:24:17 35th
Lee Murray Veteran Male 06:24:36 36th
David Jacobs Veteran Male 06:25:34 37th
Tom Lee Senior Male 06:25:36 38th
Elliott Bint Senior Male 06:26:00 39th
Alan Bushell Veteran Male 06:26:16 40th
Jo Cowper Veteran Female 06:32:04 41st
Andrew Nash Senior Male 06:34:02 42nd
Helen Cameron Senior Female 06:36:31 43rd
Adam ash Veteran Male 06:36:55 44th
Jacob Williams Senior Male 06:38:08 45th
Angela Moore Veteran Female 06:42:49 46th
Jose Gustavo Puchi Cardona Senior Male 06:43:09 47th
John Power Veteran Male 06:43:26 48th
John Hobson Senior Male 06:43:51 49th
Will Charles Senior Male 06:44:31 50th=
Paul Bennett Senior Male 06:44:31 50th=
Iain Ross Senior Male 06:46:15 52nd
John Freeman Male over 50 06:51:42 53rd
John Gray Veteran Male 06:51:43 54th
Gordon Hutchins Male over 50 06:56:38 55th
Cheryl Hutchins Female over 50 06:56:39 56th
Vicky Bridges Senior Female 06:59:04 57th
Samantha Patrick Senior Female 06:59:05 58th
Mark Lowrie Veteran Male 06:59:06 59th
Lee Booty Senior Male 07:00:15 60th
Eliza Miles Senior Female 07:08:07 61st
Jo Bissell Senior Female 07:13:59 62nd
Kelly Ford Senior Female 07:14:01 63rd
Paul Shawley Senior Male 07:14:03 64th
Diana Rien Senior Female 07:15:22 65th
Polly Kennerley Veteran Female 07:16:42 66th
Alice Nimmo Senior Female 07:16:43 67th
Caryl Hartwright Female over 50 07:17:24 68th
Claire Cologne Senior Female 07:19:40 69th
Oliver Jones Senior Male 07:20:30 70th
Kirsty JOnes Senior Female 07:20:35 71st
Sue Bains Female over 50 07:22:55 72nd
Sarah Crossland Veteran Female 07:22:58 73rd
Naomi Morrison Veteran Female 07:22:59 74th
Joff Gascoyne Veteran Male 07:24:31 75th
John Hill Veteran Male 07:24:32 76th
Steve Taylor Veteran Male 07:27:57 77th
Stewart Lavender Senior Male 07:29:40 78th
Stewart Alexander Veteran Male 07:29:41 79th
Jane SHADFORTH Veteran Female 07:30:36 80th
Robert Burg Veteran Male 07:35:23 81st
Victoria Carter Senior Female 07:35:24 82nd
Janet ilsley Female over 50 07:35:35 83rd
Michelle horsewood Female over 50 07:57:12 84th
Stephen Larmour Veteran Male 07:57:12 84th
Nick Larke Male over 50 07:57:15 85th
paul horsewood Male over 50 07:57:21 86th
Simon Berry Veteran Male 07:58:11 87th
Melissa Griffiths Veteran Female 07:58:27 88th
Emma Munday Senior Female 07:58:56 89th
Matthias Davis Senior Male 08:01:17 90th
Judith Webb Female over 50 08:04:18 91st
Tracy Critchlow Female over 50 08:06:26 92nd
Debbie Millington Senior Female 08:21:38 93rd
Denise Zachariasz Veteran Female 08:30:48 94th
Anna Chmielowska Senior Female 08:34:44 95th
Adam Walker Male over 50 08:36:46 96th
Matt Dooley Senior Male 09:10:13 97th
Chris Eyre Male over 50 09:14:50 98th
Catherine Emily Pickard Veteran Female 09:22:40 99th
Ken Dowzer Veteran Male 09:22:41 100th
Caroline Woods-Peel Veteran Female 10:37:56 101st
Liz Clarkson Veteran Female 10:38:02 102nd
Paul Rowlinson Male over 50 10:43:24 103rd
Harold gleave Male over 50 10:43:30 104th


Name Category Time Position
Mathew Devlin Senior Male 01:28:27 1st
Martyn Ryan Senior Male 01:34:14 2nd
Adrian Fisher Veteran Male 01:35:26 3rd
Craig Muress Veteran Male 01:37:09 4th
Graham Worsfold Senior Male 01:38:04 5th
Carl Bradford Veteran Male 01:41:48 6th
Phil Moore Senior Male 01:42:27 7th
andy barnett Male over 50 01:44:17 8th
Rob Pugh Veteran Male 01:45:49 9th
Bridget Coomber Female over 50 01:47:06 10th
Simeon Adams Senior Male 01:47:11 11th
Will Day Male over 50 01:47:34 12th
Doug Banks Senior Male 01:48:19 13th
Tessa Harrison Senior Female 01:48:29 14th
Sarah Chynoweth Senior Female 01:48:38 15th
Nick Tiller Senior Male 01:49:27 16th
paul sinton-hewitt Male over 50 01:49:56 17th
Fran Cummings Senior Female 01:50:10 18th
Gareth Wise Senior Male 01:50:17 19th
Dan Findlay-Robinson Senior Male 01:51:11 20th
David Perkins Senior Male 01:51:17 21st
J Douglass Senior Male 01:51:45 22nd
Laura Goy Senior Female 01:52:19 23rd
Jaview Moreno Senior Male 01:52:41 24th
paul softley Male over 50 01:53:24 25th
Ben Clithero Senior Male 01:53:40 26th
Iain McMaster Veteran Male 01:53:43 27th
Steve Garner Male over 50 01:53:55 28th
Barney Miller Senior Male 01:54:21 29th
Matt Worthington Senior Male 01:54:26 30th
richard bory Male over 50 01:55:02 31st
Fiona Jeffries Veteran Female 01:55:03 32nd
MARK ELWIS Male over 50 01:55:10 33rd
Christopher Newman Veteran Male 01:55:41 34th
Mark Powell Senior Male 01:55:42 35th
Bob Richards Veteran Male 01:55:52 36th
Ian Brook Brook Veteran Male 01:56:57 37th
Steven Brandreth Veteran Male 01:57:26 38th
John Bysouth Senior Male 01:57:38 39th
james crossland Veteran Male 01:58:38 40th
Jacob Miller Senior Male 01:58:39 41st
Emma Dent Veteran Female 01:58:46 42nd
peter weir Male over 50 01:58:47 43rd
Simon Allen Veteran Male 01:58:54 44th
Steve Russel Male over 50 01:58:58 45th
John Gorman Male over 50 01:59:10 46th
Martin Smithurst Veteran Male 01:59:44 47th
Tom Brockwell Senior Male 02:00:03 48th
Andy Walker Senior Male 02:00:14 49th
Victoria Hufton Senior Female 02:00:26 50th
jonny ulett Senior Male 02:00:41 51st
Michael Lyons Senior Male 02:00:52 52nd
Alex Buchanan Senior Male 02:01:02 53rd
chris jackson Veteran Male 02:01:14 54th
Jon Douglass Senior Male 02:01:35 55th
Andrew Walch Senior Male 02:01:52 56th
Kate Dommett Senior Female 02:02:12 57th
Helen Jones Senior Female 02:03:11 58th
Daniel Gaunt Senior Male 02:04:02 59th
Jacqui Herring Veteran Female 02:04:08 60th
Sam Burdon Senior Male 02:04:58 61st
Michaela Goodall Senior Female 02:05:38 62nd
Paul Bourne Veteran Male 02:06:00 63rd
Lauren Buffini Senior Female 02:06:22 64th
Tom Martin Senior Male 02:06:27 65th
Charis Gilderthorp Senior Female 02:06:40 66th
Steven Spencer Veteran Male 02:06:56 67th
Martyn Goldsack Senior Male 02:07:11 68th
Ashleigh Barron Senior Female 02:07:13 69th
David Firth Senior Male 02:07:20 70th
Brendan Kelly Senior Male 02:08:24 71st
Adam Goodall Senior Male 02:08:29 72nd
Andrew Lambert Veteran Male 02:09:25 73rd
Kevin Edwards Senior Male 02:10:41 74th
Karen Weir Veteran Female 02:10:49 75th
Laura Hauk Senior Female 02:11:33 76th
Chris Moody Male over 50 02:11:45 77th
Anna Preston Senior Female 02:13:09 78th
Sarah Gibbon Veteran Female 02:14:56 79th
Anna Reeves Senior Female 02:15:52 80th
Louise Robbins Veteran Female 02:15:57 81st
Shaun De Clancy Male over 50 02:16:37 82nd
ian moore Male over 50 02:18:17 83rd
Katy Kelly Senior Female 02:18:40 84th
Gareth Andrews Senior Male 02:18:52 85th
Emily Moss Senior Female 02:19:11 86th
Dave Raynes Male over 50 02:20:35 87th
Charlie Mitchell Senior Female 02:21:02 88th
Rachel Savage Veteran Female 02:21:09 89th
Joanne Battersby Female over 50 02:21:31 90th
Becky Mead Senior Female 02:22:07 91st
Lorraine Salkild Female over 50 02:22:55 92nd
Pauline Naylor Female over 50 02:23:03 93rd
Clare Ulett Senior Female 02:23:16 94th
Rebecca Flanagan Senior Female 02:23:32 95th
Pamela Leon Veteran Female 02:24:05 96th
Clare Moody Veteran Female 02:24:06 97th
Emma Phillips Senior Female 02:24:13 98th
Craig Edwards Veteran Male 02:24:14 99th
Helen Cain Senior Female 02:24:49 100th
H Douglass Senior Female 02:26:55 101st
Paolo Iorio Veteran Male 02:27:53 102nd
Jane Evans Female over 50 02:28:41 103rd=
Leah Evans Senior Female 02:28:41 103th=
Heydar A Veteran Male 02:28:58 105th
Gil Talmon Veteran Male 02:30:20 106th
Jonathan Perkins Veteran Male 02:31:26 107th
Sarah Eccles Veteran Female 02:31:39 108th
Charlotte Perkins Senior Female 02:31:40 109th
Livia Hull Veteran Female 02:31:43 110th
karen Hyatt Veteran Female 02:32:13 111th
phil howarth Male over 50 02:33:46 112th
Luke Mulliner Senior Male 02:33:47 113th
Sallyann Bingham Veteran Female 02:33:54 114th
joanne sinton-hewitt Female over 50 02:34:22 115th
Lotty Bradford Senior Female 02:34:24 116th
David Carter Veteran Male 02:34:29 117th
Phil Foley Male over 50 02:34:32 118th
Jackie Bye Female over 50 02:35:01 119th
Adele Bushell Female over 50 02:35:03 120th
Annette Parker Veteran Female 02:35:25 121st
kerry healy Senior Female 02:36:22 122nd
Matthew Hennell Senior Male 02:42:39 123rd
A Giffard Senior Male 02:44:58 124th
Matthew Winslow Veteran Male 02:49:00 125th
Clare Leeland Senior Female 02:49:35 126th
Felicity Aries Female over 50 02:51:07 127th
Beth Davey Senior Female 02:52:52 128th
Anthony Davey Senior Female 02:52:55 129th
Peter Taylor

Jane Hughes

Veteran Male

Female over 50





Paula Brockwell Senior Female 03:01:02 131st
Lucy Marris Female over 50 03:13:24 132nd
Bronwen Doyle Female over 50 03:13:27 133rd
Louise Hutchings Senior Female 03:17:12 134th
Rachel Underwood Senior Female 03:17:14 135th
Sharon Ward Veteran Female 03:25:01 136th

Peak Trails 10k

Name Category Time Position
Chris Bevan Senior Male 00:42:01 1st
Craig Jeffery Veteran Male 00:46:29 2nd
Robert Smith Senior Male 00:48:12 3rd
Julian Wills Veteran Male 00:51:00 4th
Sam Ainscough Senior Male 00:51:06 5th
Jamie Baker Senior Male 00:51:47 6th
Michael Jones Senior Male 00:53:13 7th
Daniel Pollard Senior Male 00:54:14 8th
Angel Georgiev Senior Male 00:54:15 9th
Alex Tuckett Senior Male 00:54:17 10th
Michael Taylor Veteran Male 00:54:18 11th
Andy Lindop Male over 50 00:54:38 12th
Adrian Darkin Senior Male 00:55:09 13th
Matt Boreman Senior Male 00:55:33 14th
James Boreman Senior Male 00:55:40 15th
Phil Coomber Male over 50 00:55:51 16th
Stefan Szablewski Senior Male 00:56:03 17th
Emma Beattie-Edwards Senior Female 00:56:11 18th
Susan Gillie Senior Female 00:56:16 19th
Nick Fitter Senior Male 00:56:45 20th
Mark Bownes Male over 50 00:56:48 21st
Ashley Brooksbank Senior Male 00:56:52 22nd
Chris Blundell Male over 50 00:57:23 23rd
kevin Smith Veteran Male 00:57:26 24th
Bash Savage-Mansaray Senior Male 00:57:27 25th
Clark Bownes Senior Male 00:57:37 26th
Hannah Wood Senior Female 00:57:46 27th
Simon Neale Senior Male 00:57:59 28th
Will Doole Senior Male 00:58:23 29th
Jaysen Headley Senior Male 00:58:28 30th
Kate Scott Female over 50 00:58:33 31st
Chris Stillo Male over 50 00:58:43 32nd
Dave Raby Senior Male 00:58:48 33rd
Steve Robinson Male over 50 00:58:53 34th
Kieran Butler Senior Male 00:59:30 35th
Billie Walch Senior Female 00:59:39 36th
Paul Barrett Veteran Male 00:59:45 37th
Graham Conroy Male over 50 00:59:48 38th
Dorothy Kesterton Female over 50 01:00:09 39th
ros Ayres Veteran Female 01:00:23 40th
Duncan Wood Veteran Male 01:00:31 41st
Terry Everatt Male over 50 01:00:32 42nd
Hannah Boyd-Carson Senior Female 01:01:39 43rd
Elizabeth Hudson Senior Female 01:02:51 44th
Mark Stevenson Veteran Male 01:03:06 45th
Fleur Roberts Veteran Female 01:03:15 46th=
Kim Withycombe Veteran Female 01:03:15 46th=
Tony Breen Male over 50 01:03:28 48th
Jonathan Havenhand Veteran Male 01:03:56 49th
Ian Brownlee Male over 50 01:04:01 50th
Andy Davison Senior Male 01:04:37 51st
Martha Cooling Senior Female 01:04:40 52nd
Rachel Doole Senior Female 01:04:42 53rd
Lana Roy Veteran Female 01:04:50 54th
Maggie Gorman Female over 50 01:05:26 55th
Liz Stillo Female over 50 01:05:34 56th
Simon Ward Male over 50 01:05:38 57th=
Kayur Solanky Senior Male 01:05:38 57th=
Michael Bates Senior Male 01:05:50 59th
Richard Jones Senior Male 01:05:55 60th
Marek Szablewski Male over 50 01:06:06 61st
Hannah Strudley Senior Female 01:06:09 62nd
Sarah loyise King Senior Female 01:06:15 63rd
Steve Turner Male over 50 01:06:35 64th
Iona Blundell Senior Female 01:06:43 65th
Colette Muress Senior Female 01:07:05 66th
Michael Batey Veteran Male 01:07:39 67th
Matthew Gibson Veteran Male 01:08:06 68th
Tom Menzies Senior Male 01:08:11 69th
Chris Walch Senior Male 01:09:09 70th
Richard Green Veteran Male 01:09:20 71st
Yvette McCracken Veteran Female 01:10:16 72nd
Sally Grainger Veteran Female 01:10:21 73rd
Louise Bearder Senior Female 01:11:03 74th
Colette White Senior Female 01:11:15 75th
Amy Hartley Senior Female 01:11:16 76th
Philippa Sturt Senior Female 01:11:43 77th
Simon Gleadhall Male over 50 01:12:02 78th
Lisa Morris Veteran Female 01:12:21 79th
Janette Martin-Ward Female over 50 01:12:45 80th
Georgina Bell Veteran Female 01:12:46 81st
Hazel Conduit Veteran Female 01:13:00 82nd
Andrew Conduit Veteran Male 01:13:04 83rd
Alexandra Murray Senior Female 01:13:05 84th
James Fletcher Senior Male 01:13:39 85th=
Biddy Lindop Female over 50 01:13:39 85th=
Jane Carre Senior Female 01:13:45 87th
Emily Smylie Senior Female 01:13:46 88th
Jake Potts Senior Male 01:13:52 89th
Izzy Desailly Senior Female 01:14:01 90th=
Rebecca Nash Senior Female 01:14:01 90th=
Mary Lindop Senior Female 01:14:07 92nd
kat simmons Senior Female 01:14:18 93rd
Ashley Simmons Senior Male 01:14:19 94th
Vicky Ward Veteran Female 01:14:52 95th
Anna Sorsby Senior Female 01:14:59 96th
Tracey Kay Veteran Female 01:15:12 97th
Bonita Boyd Senior Female 01:15:44 98th
Nicole Nield Female over 50 01:16:36 99th
Georgie Pogge-Von Strandmonn Senior Female 01:16:37 100th
Sarah Fitter Senior Female 01:17:03 101st
Julie Fitter Female over 50 01:17:11 102nd
Paul King Senior Male 01:18:08 103rd
Barbara Jenkins Female over 50 01:18:53 104th
Claire Williams Veteran Female 01:18:55 105th
Hem Kumar Athi Male over 50 01:18:56 106th
Catherine Sykes Veteran Female 01:18:58 107th=
Joanna Chowdry Veteran Female 01:18:58 107th=
Stephanie Woodford Veteran Female 01:19:01 109th
Jane Wright Saunders Veteran Female 01:20:15 110th
Luke Jackson Senior Male 01:21:16 111th
rachel Jones Senior Female 01:21:17 112th
Wendy Weston Veteran Female 01:21:38 113th
Lucie Levesley Senior Female 01:21:43 114th
Nuala Dempsey Senior Female 01:22:28 115th
Tracy Critchlow Female over 50 01:23:06 116th
Victoria Tew Senior Female 01:23:27 117th=
Stephen Gilmer Senior Male 01:23:27 117th=
Julia Patterson Veteran Female 01:23:35 119th
Rafal Bakowski Senior Male 01:24:07 120th=
Marta Mozolewska Senior Female 01:24:07 120th=
Tim Clayson Male over 50 01:26:10 122nd
Rosalyn Barber Female over 50 01:26:28 123rd
Tracey Stimson Female over 50 01:26:29 124th
Jane Reeve Senior Female 01:27:42 125th
Yvonne Fox Female over 50 01:27:52 126th
Mark Sullivan Male over 50 01:31:17 127th
Rosie Elmore Female over 50 01:31:33 128th
Debi Jones Female over 50 01:37:51 129th
Fiona Panes Veteran Female 01:48:27 130th
Kay Towers Female over 50 01:53:44 131st
Jill Van der meulen Veteran Female 02:02:22 132nd