Dig Deep 2017 RACE RESULTS

Please find results for the 2017 Dig Deep races below.

Please note that the results include all dibber penalties so the times are adjusted accordingly. Please e mail Dig Deep if you have any issues.


Name Category Time Position
Jonathan Crickmore Senior Male 09:27:26 1st
Graham Watson Veteran Male 10:18:40 2nd
Robin Mitton Veteran Male 11:48:35 3rd
Leroy Marshall Senior Male 11:50:41 4th
John Bottomley Senior Male 11:54:40 5th
Gordon Parkinson Senior Male 12:02:42 6th
Chris Carter Senior Male 12:12:24 7th
William Clarke Senior Male 12:58:01 8th
lee caves Senior Male 13:05:06 9th
Helen Pike Veteran Female 13:06:30 10th
Armando Teatro Senior Male 13:06:42 11th
Rowan Scott Senior Male 13:24:40 12th
Jonathan Morgan Senior Male 13:35:49 13th
John Samways Senior Male 13:35:50 14th
Susan Clapham Female over 50 13:52:24 15th
Benjamin Brindley Senior Male 14:10:36 16th
Ian Martin Veteran Male 14:15:39 17th
Tom Howard Senior Male 14:34:31 18th
Mark Hampton Senior Male 14:40:46 19th
Daniel Sumner Senior Male 14:48:35 20th
Ruth Batty Veteran Female 14:52:08 21st
Ian Hirth Veteran Male 15:11:29 22nd
Oskar Smith Senior Male 15:26:19 23rd
Gareth Clinton Senior Male 15:31:27 24th
Phillip Clinton Senior Male 15:31:29 25th
Andrew Connell Veteran Male 15:31:30 26th
Michael Jenkinson Veteran Male 16:03:01 27th
Luke Pawson Senior Male 16:07:07 28th
Anthony Gale Senior Male 16:07:09 29th
Rob McNeil Senior Male 16:08:00 30th
Tom Pope Senior Male 16:53:08 31st
John Figiel Male over 50 17:25:15 32nd
YOSHIAKI TOTOKI Senior Male 17:25:49 33rd
Ian Spriggs Male over 50 17:55:27 34th
Bengt Johnsson Male over 50 17:55:32 35th
David Carr Senior Male 18:41:29 36th
John Pierrepont Senior Male 18:41:34 37th
Andrew Hall Veteran Male 19:42:28 38th
Richard Townsend Male over 50 21:02:06 39th
David Dickinson Senior Male 21:22:12 40th
Mike Jones Veteran Male 21:47:15 41st
Deirdre Claffey Senior Female 22:07:02 42nd

Peak Trails 50

Name Category Time Position
Jonathan Palmer Senior Male 08:46:07 1st
Sam Wilson Senior Male 08:46:08 2nd
Jim Semmelroth Senior Male 10:00:48 3rd
Will Gregory Senior Male 10:04:38 4th
Chris Perry Male over 50 10:20:46 5th
Sean Fenwick Veteran Male 10:24:12 6th
Rolands Kromanis Senior Male 10:24:36 7th
John Golding Veteran Male 12:19:12 8th
Aaron Maclaughlin Senior Male 12:19:32 9th
Philip Padfield Male over 50 12:39:20 10th
Claire Morgan Senior Female 13:32:16 11th
Melanie Liu Senior Female 15:35:42 12th

Peak Trails 30

Name Category Time Position
Simon Mills Senior Male 04:50:50 1st
Sally Fawcett Senior Female 04:50:52 2nd
Lee Kemp Senior Male 04:59:39 3rd
Alex van Oostrum Senior Male 05:05:59 4th
Gary Brooks Male over 50 05:08:00 5th
Patrycjusz Bromirski Senior Male 05:08:41 6th
Stephen Kenworthy Male over 50 05:11:22 7th
Linzey Ryan Senior Female 05:14:06 8th
Lucy Wasinski Senior Female 05:14:27 9th
Peter Harris Senior Male 05:25:02 10th
Daniel Stannard Veteran Male 05:30:33 11th
Luke Spindlove Senior Male 05:31:12 12th
Hannah Gilman Veteran Female 05:37:58 13th
Bradley Gram-Hansen Senior Male 05:39:21 14th
Lou Kelly Senior Female 05:39:23 15th
Ellen Quane Senior Female 05:41:00 16th
Jacqui Hawkins Senior Female 05:41:19 17th
Lee Hemmings Senior Male 05:46:02 18th
Amanda Carter Senior Female 05:48:45 19th
Christopher Whitfield Veteran Male 05:54:01 20th
karl Mallyon Veteran Male 05:55:59 21st
Andy Wright Veteran Male 05:56:18 22nd
Benjamin Letzer Senior Male 05:56:29 23rd
Dean Hague Veteran Male 05:58:41 24th
Graham North Veteran Male 05:59:30 25th
Rod Bye Male over 50 06:01:55 26th
Giles Carre Veteran Male 06:10:44 27th
nic long Male over 50 06:13:26 28th
ROGELIO GARCIA BERDEJA Senior Male 06:16:38 29th
Ryan Langridge Senior Male 06:19:58 30th
Simon Littlewood Veteran Male 06:21:51 31st
Chris Mewes Veteran Male 06:23:20 32nd
Andrew Hill Senior Male 06:23:37 33rd
Bodil Oudshoorn Senior Female 06:24:16 34th
Anna Paxton Senior Female 06:24:17 35th
Lee Murray Veteran Male 06:24:36 36th
David Jacobs Veteran Male 06:25:34 37th
Tom Lee Senior Male 06:25:36 38th
Elliott Bint Senior Male 06:26:00 39th
Alan Bushell Veteran Male 06:26:16 40th
Jo Cowper Veteran Female 06:32:04 41st
Andrew Nash Senior Male 06:34:02 42nd
Helen Cameron Senior Female 06:36:31 43rd
Adam ash Veteran Male 06:36:55 44th
Jacob Williams Senior Male 06:38:08 45th
Angela Moore Veteran Female 06:42:49 46th
Jose Gustavo Puchi Cardona Senior Male 06:43:09 47th
John Power Veteran Male 06:43:26 48th
John Hobson Senior Male 06:43:51 49th
Will Charles Senior Male 06:44:31 50th=
Paul Bennett Senior Male 06:44:31 50th=
Iain Ross Senior Male 06:46:15 52nd
John Freeman Male over 50 06:51:42 53rd
John Gray Veteran Male 06:51:43 54th
Gordon Hutchins Male over 50 06:56:38 55th
Cheryl Hutchins Female over 50 06:56:39 56th
Vicky Bridges Senior Female 06:59:04 57th
Samantha Patrick Senior Female 06:59:05 58th
Mark Lowrie Veteran Male 06:59:06 59th
Lee Booty Senior Male 07:00:15 60th
Eliza Miles Senior Female 07:08:07 61st
Jo Bissell Senior Female 07:13:59 62nd
Kelly Ford Senior Female 07:14:01 63rd
Paul Shawley Senior Male 07:14:03 64th
Diana Rien Senior Female 07:15:22 65th
Polly Kennerley Veteran Female 07:16:42 66th
Alice Nimmo Senior Female 07:16:43 67th
Caryl Hartwright Female over 50 07:17:24 68th
Claire Cologne Senior Female 07:19:40 69th
Oliver Jones Senior Male 07:20:30 70th
Kirsty JOnes Senior Female 07:20:35 71st
Sue Bains Female over 50 07:22:55 72nd
Sarah Crossland Veteran Female 07:22:58 73rd
Naomi Morrison Veteran Female 07:22:59 74th
Joff Gascoyne Veteran Male 07:24:31 75th
John Hill Veteran Male 07:24:32 76th
Steve Taylor Veteran Male 07:27:57 77th
Stewart Lavender Senior Male 07:29:40 78th
Stewart Alexander Veteran Male 07:29:41 79th
Jane SHADFORTH Veteran Female 07:30:36 80th
Robert Burg Veteran Male 07:35:23 81st
Victoria Carter Senior Female 07:35:24 82nd
Janet ilsley Female over 50 07:35:35 83rd
Michelle horsewood Female over 50 07:57:12 84th
Stephen Larmour Veteran Male 07:57:12 84th
Nick Larke Male over 50 07:57:15 85th
paul horsewood Male over 50 07:57:21 86th
Simon Berry Veteran Male 07:58:11 87th
Melissa Griffiths Veteran Female 07:58:27 88th
Emma Munday Senior Female 07:58:56 89th
Matthias Davis Senior Male 08:01:17 90th
Judith Webb Female over 50 08:04:18 91st
Tracy Critchlow Female over 50 08:06:26 92nd
Debbie Millington Senior Female 08:21:38 93rd
Denise Zachariasz Veteran Female 08:30:48 94th
Anna Chmielowska Senior Female 08:34:44 95th
Adam Walker Male over 50 08:36:46 96th
Matt Dooley Senior Male 09:10:13 97th
Chris Eyre Male over 50 09:14:50 98th
Catherine Emily Pickard Veteran Female 09:22:40 99th
Ken Dowzer Veteran Male 09:22:41 100th
Caroline Woods-Peel Veteran Female 10:37:56 101st
Liz Clarkson Veteran Female 10:38:02 102nd
Paul Rowlinson Male over 50 10:43:24 103rd
Harold gleave Male over 50 10:43:30 104th


Name Category Time Position
Mathew Devlin Senior Male 01:28:27 1st
Martyn Ryan Senior Male 01:34:14 2nd
Adrian Fisher Veteran Male 01:35:26 3rd
Craig Muress Veteran Male 01:37:09 4th
Graham Worsfold Senior Male 01:38:04 5th
Carl Bradford Veteran Male 01:41:48 6th
Phil Moore Senior Male 01:42:27 7th
andy barnett Male over 50 01:44:17 8th
Rob Pugh Veteran Male 01:45:49 9th
Bridget Coomber Female over 50 01:47:06 10th
Simeon Adams Senior Male 01:47:11 11th
Will Day Male over 50 01:47:34 12th
Doug Banks Senior Male 01:48:19 13th
Tessa Harrison Senior Female 01:48:29 14th
Sarah Chynoweth Senior Female 01:48:38 15th
Nick Tiller Senior Male 01:49:27 16th
paul sinton-hewitt Male over 50 01:49:56 17th
Fran Cummings Senior Female 01:50:10 18th
Gareth Wise Senior Male 01:50:17 19th
Dan Findlay-Robinson Senior Male 01:51:11 20th
David Perkins Senior Male 01:51:17 21st
J Douglass Senior Male 01:51:45 22nd
Laura Goy Senior Female 01:52:19 23rd
Jaview Moreno Senior Male 01:52:41 24th
paul softley Male over 50 01:53:24 25th
Ben Clithero Senior Male 01:53:40 26th
Iain McMaster Veteran Male 01:53:43 27th
Steve Garner Male over 50 01:53:55 28th
Barney Miller Senior Male 01:54:21 29th
Matt Worthington Senior Male 01:54:26 30th
richard bory Male over 50 01:55:02 31st
Fiona Jeffries Veteran Female 01:55:03 32nd
MARK ELWIS Male over 50 01:55:10 33rd
Christopher Newman Veteran Male 01:55:41 34th
Mark Powell Senior Male 01:55:42 35th
Bob Richards Veteran Male 01:55:52 36th
Ian Brook Brook Veteran Male 01:56:57 37th
Steven Brandreth Veteran Male 01:57:26 38th
John Bysouth Senior Male 01:57:38 39th
james crossland Veteran Male 01:58:38 40th
Jacob Miller Senior Male 01:58:39 41st
Emma Dent Veteran Female 01:58:46 42nd
peter weir Male over 50 01:58:47 43rd
Simon Allen Veteran Male 01:58:54 44th
Steve Russel Male over 50 01:58:58 45th
John Gorman Male over 50 01:59:10 46th
Martin Smithurst Veteran Male 01:59:44 47th
Tom Brockwell Senior Male 02:00:03 48th
Andy Walker Senior Male 02:00:14 49th
Victoria Hufton Senior Female 02:00:26 50th
jonny ulett Senior Male 02:00:41 51st
Michael Lyons Senior Male 02:00:52 52nd
Alex Buchanan Senior Male 02:01:02 53rd
chris jackson Veteran Male 02:01:14 54th
Jon Douglass Senior Male 02:01:35 55th
Andrew Walch Senior Male 02:01:52 56th
Kate Dommett Senior Female 02:02:12 57th
Helen Jones Senior Female 02:03:11 58th
Daniel Gaunt Senior Male 02:04:02 59th
Jacqui Herring Veteran Female 02:04:08 60th
Sam Burdon Senior Male 02:04:58 61st
Michaela Goodall Senior Female 02:05:38 62nd
Paul Bourne Veteran Male 02:06:00 63rd
Lauren Buffini Senior Female 02:06:22 64th
Tom Martin Senior Male 02:06:27 65th
Charis Gilderthorp Senior Female 02:06:40 66th
Steven Spencer Veteran Male 02:06:56 67th
Martyn Goldsack Senior Male 02:07:11 68th
Ashleigh Barron Senior Female 02:07:13 69th
David Firth Senior Male 02:07:20 70th
Brendan Kelly Senior Male 02:08:24 71st
Adam Goodall Senior Male 02:08:29 72nd
Andrew Lambert Veteran Male 02:09:25 73rd
Kevin Edwards Senior Male 02:10:41 74th
Karen Weir Veteran Female 02:10:49 75th
Laura Hauk Senior Female 02:11:33 76th
Chris Moody Male over 50 02:11:45 77th
Anna Preston Senior Female 02:13:09 78th
Sarah Gibbon Veteran Female 02:14:56 79th
Anna Reeves Senior Female 02:15:52 80th
Louise Robbins Veteran Female 02:15:57 81st
Shaun De Clancy Male over 50 02:16:37 82nd
ian moore Male over 50 02:18:17 83rd
Katy Kelly Senior Female 02:18:40 84th
Gareth Andrews Senior Male 02:18:52 85th
Emily Moss Senior Female 02:19:11 86th
Dave Raynes Male over 50 02:20:35 87th
Charlie Mitchell Senior Female 02:21:02 88th
Rachel Savage Veteran Female 02:21:09 89th
Joanne Battersby Female over 50 02:21:31 90th
Becky Mead Senior Female 02:22:07 91st
Lorraine Salkild Female over 50 02:22:55 92nd
Pauline Naylor Female over 50 02:23:03 93rd
Clare Ulett Senior Female 02:23:16 94th
Rebecca Flanagan Senior Female 02:23:32 95th
Pamela Leon Veteran Female 02:24:05 96th
Clare Moody Veteran Female 02:24:06 97th
Emma Phillips Senior Female 02:24:13 98th
Craig Edwards Veteran Male 02:24:14 99th
Helen Cain Senior Female 02:24:49 100th
H Douglass Senior Female 02:26:55 101st
Paolo Iorio Veteran Male 02:27:53 102nd
Jane Evans Female over 50 02:28:41 103rd=
Leah Evans Senior Female 02:28:41 103th=
Heydar A Veteran Male 02:28:58 105th
Gil Talmon Veteran Male 02:30:20 106th
Jonathan Perkins Veteran Male 02:31:26 107th
Sarah Eccles Veteran Female 02:31:39 108th
Charlotte Perkins Senior Female 02:31:40 109th
Livia Hull Veteran Female 02:31:43 110th
karen Hyatt Veteran Female 02:32:13 111th
phil howarth Male over 50 02:33:46 112th
Luke Mulliner Senior Male 02:33:47 113th
Sallyann Bingham Veteran Female 02:33:54 114th
joanne sinton-hewitt Female over 50 02:34:22 115th
Lotty Bradford Senior Female 02:34:24 116th
David Carter Veteran Male 02:34:29 117th
Phil Foley Male over 50 02:34:32 118th
Jackie Bye Female over 50 02:35:01 119th
Adele Bushell Female over 50 02:35:03 120th
Annette Parker Veteran Female 02:35:25 121st
kerry healy Senior Female 02:36:22 122nd
Matthew Hennell Senior Male 02:42:39 123rd
A Giffard Senior Male 02:44:58 124th
Matthew Winslow Veteran Male 02:49:00 125th
Clare Leeland Senior Female 02:49:35 126th
Felicity Aries Female over 50 02:51:07 127th
Beth Davey Senior Female 02:52:52 128th
Anthony Davey Senior Female 02:52:55 129th
Peter Taylor

Jane Hughes

Veteran Male

Female over 50





Paula Brockwell Senior Female 03:01:02 131st
Lucy Marris Female over 50 03:13:24 132nd
Bronwen Doyle Female over 50 03:13:27 133rd
Louise Hutchings Senior Female 03:17:12 134th
Rachel Underwood Senior Female 03:17:14 135th
Sharon Ward Veteran Female 03:25:01 136th

Peak Trails 10k

Name Category Time Position
Chris Bevan Senior Male 00:42:01 1st
Craig Jeffery Veteran Male 00:46:29 2nd
Robert Smith Senior Male 00:48:12 3rd
Julian Wills Veteran Male 00:51:00 4th
Sam Ainscough Senior Male 00:51:06 5th
Jamie Baker Senior Male 00:51:47 6th
Michael Jones Senior Male 00:53:13 7th
Daniel Pollard Senior Male 00:54:14 8th
Angel Georgiev Senior Male 00:54:15 9th
Alex Tuckett Senior Male 00:54:17 10th
Michael Taylor Veteran Male 00:54:18 11th
Andy Lindop Male over 50 00:54:38 12th
Adrian Darkin Senior Male 00:55:09 13th
Matt Boreman Senior Male 00:55:33 14th
James Boreman Senior Male 00:55:40 15th
Phil Coomber Male over 50 00:55:51 16th
Stefan Szablewski Senior Male 00:56:03 17th
Emma Beattie-Edwards Senior Female 00:56:11 18th
Susan Gillie Senior Female 00:56:16 19th
Nick Fitter Senior Male 00:56:45 20th
Mark Bownes Male over 50 00:56:48 21st
Ashley Brooksbank Senior Male 00:56:52 22nd
Chris Blundell Male over 50 00:57:23 23rd
kevin Smith Veteran Male 00:57:26 24th
Bash Savage-Mansaray Senior Male 00:57:27 25th
Clark Bownes Senior Male 00:57:37 26th
Hannah Wood Senior Female 00:57:46 27th
Simon Neale Senior Male 00:57:59 28th
Will Doole Senior Male 00:58:23 29th
Jaysen Headley Senior Male 00:58:28 30th
Kate Scott Female over 50 00:58:33 31st
Chris Stillo Male over 50 00:58:43 32nd
Dave Raby Senior Male 00:58:48 33rd
Steve Robinson Male over 50 00:58:53 34th
Kieran Butler Senior Male 00:59:30 35th
Billie Walch Senior Female 00:59:39 36th
Paul Barrett Veteran Male 00:59:45 37th
Graham Conroy Male over 50 00:59:48 38th
Dorothy Kesterton Female over 50 01:00:09 39th
ros Ayres Veteran Female 01:00:23 40th
Duncan Wood Veteran Male 01:00:31 41st
Terry Everatt Male over 50 01:00:32 42nd
Hannah Boyd-Carson Senior Female 01:01:39 43rd
Elizabeth Hudson Senior Female 01:02:51 44th
Mark Stevenson Veteran Male 01:03:06 45th
Fleur Roberts Veteran Female 01:03:15 46th=
Kim Withycombe Veteran Female 01:03:15 46th=
Tony Breen Male over 50 01:03:28 48th
Jonathan Havenhand Veteran Male 01:03:56 49th
Ian Brownlee Male over 50 01:04:01 50th
Andy Davison Senior Male 01:04:37 51st
Martha Cooling Senior Female 01:04:40 52nd
Rachel Doole Senior Female 01:04:42 53rd
Lana Roy Veteran Female 01:04:50 54th
Maggie Gorman Female over 50 01:05:26 55th
Liz Stillo Female over 50 01:05:34 56th
Simon Ward Male over 50 01:05:38 57th=
Kayur Solanky Senior Male 01:05:38 57th=
Michael Bates Senior Male 01:05:50 59th
Richard Jones Senior Male 01:05:55 60th
Marek Szablewski Male over 50 01:06:06 61st
Hannah Strudley Senior Female 01:06:09 62nd
Sarah loyise King Senior Female 01:06:15 63rd
Steve Turner Male over 50 01:06:35 64th
Iona Blundell Senior Female 01:06:43 65th
Colette Muress Senior Female 01:07:05 66th
Michael Batey Veteran Male 01:07:39 67th
Matthew Gibson Veteran Male 01:08:06 68th
Tom Menzies Senior Male 01:08:11 69th
Chris Walch Senior Male 01:09:09 70th
Richard Green Veteran Male 01:09:20 71st
Yvette McCracken Veteran Female 01:10:16 72nd
Sally Grainger Veteran Female 01:10:21 73rd
Louise Bearder Senior Female 01:11:03 74th
Colette White Senior Female 01:11:15 75th
Amy Hartley Senior Female 01:11:16 76th
Philippa Sturt Senior Female 01:11:43 77th
Simon Gleadhall Male over 50 01:12:02 78th
Lisa Morris Veteran Female 01:12:21 79th
Janette Martin-Ward Female over 50 01:12:45 80th
Georgina Bell Veteran Female 01:12:46 81st
Hazel Conduit Veteran Female 01:13:00 82nd
Andrew Conduit Veteran Male 01:13:04 83rd
Alexandra Murray Senior Female 01:13:05 84th
James Fletcher Senior Male 01:13:39 85th=
Biddy Lindop Female over 50 01:13:39 85th=
Jane Carre Senior Female 01:13:45 87th
Emily Smylie Senior Female 01:13:46 88th
Jake Potts Senior Male 01:13:52 89th
Izzy Desailly Senior Female 01:14:01 90th=
Rebecca Nash Senior Female 01:14:01 90th=
Mary Lindop Senior Female 01:14:07 92nd
kat simmons Senior Female 01:14:18 93rd
Ashley Simmons Senior Male 01:14:19 94th
Vicky Ward Veteran Female 01:14:52 95th
Anna Sorsby Senior Female 01:14:59 96th
Tracey Kay Veteran Female 01:15:12 97th
Bonita Boyd Senior Female 01:15:44 98th
Nicole Nield Female over 50 01:16:36 99th
Georgie Pogge-Von Strandmonn Senior Female 01:16:37 100th
Sarah Fitter Senior Female 01:17:03 101st
Julie Fitter Female over 50 01:17:11 102nd
Paul King Senior Male 01:18:08 103rd
Barbara Jenkins Female over 50 01:18:53 104th
Claire Williams Veteran Female 01:18:55 105th
Hem Kumar Athi Male over 50 01:18:56 106th
Catherine Sykes Veteran Female 01:18:58 107th=
Joanna Chowdry Veteran Female 01:18:58 107th=
Stephanie Woodford Veteran Female 01:19:01 109th
Jane Wright Saunders Veteran Female 01:20:15 110th
Luke Jackson Senior Male 01:21:16 111th
rachel Jones Senior Female 01:21:17 112th
Wendy Weston Veteran Female 01:21:38 113th
Lucie Levesley Senior Female 01:21:43 114th
Nuala Dempsey Senior Female 01:22:28 115th
Tracy Critchlow Female over 50 01:23:06 116th
Victoria Tew Senior Female 01:23:27 117th=
Stephen Gilmer Senior Male 01:23:27 117th=
Julia Patterson Veteran Female 01:23:35 119th
Rafal Bakowski Senior Male 01:24:07 120th=
Marta Mozolewska Senior Female 01:24:07 120th=
Tim Clayson Male over 50 01:26:10 122nd
Rosalyn Barber Female over 50 01:26:28 123rd
Tracey Stimson Female over 50 01:26:29 124th
Jane Reeve Senior Female 01:27:42 125th
Yvonne Fox Female over 50 01:27:52 126th
Mark Sullivan Male over 50 01:31:17 127th
Rosie Elmore Female over 50 01:31:33 128th
Debi Jones Female over 50 01:37:51 129th
Fiona Panes Veteran Female 01:48:27 130th
Kay Towers Female over 50 01:53:44 131st
Jill Van der meulen Veteran Female 02:02:22 132nd
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  1. Emily 25/08/2017 at 11:08 - Reply

    Do we get a chance to see any of the photos taken in the race ?


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